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Tantalum Ethoxide

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    What is Tantalum Ethoxide?

    Often used in the manufacture of Tantalum Oxide, Tantalum Ethoxide is applied in semi-conductor, 
optical and electrochromic industries.

    EpiValence are specialist manufacturers of Tantalum Ethoxide based in the UK.

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    Tantalum(V) Ethoxide is manufactured on a dedicated production rig at our facility in the Wilton Centre in Teesside, the process has been established since 1974 enabling supply to a Global customer base. The dedicated process is operated by a team of fully trained chemists and provides world leading consistency and repeatability.

    Using the highest purity starting materials from qualified suppliers enables EpiValence to offer a range of grades including Semiconductor, UHP, 99.999%. Also, based on historical production data, we can offer tailored specifications to meet customer’s specific requirements.

    Recent investment in the production rig has given a significant increase in annual capacity to meet current and future demand.

    EpiValence can meet all your packaging requirements, supplying in either standard glass bottles or bespoke re-usable stainless steel vessels to any specific fill volumes required by our customers.

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